My Rules:
I draw every kind of "action" wich follows the rules of the site:)
My Pricelist (approximate):
186 Extra Votes:
Single female
297 Extra Votes:
A couple have sex
445 Extra Votes:
Two females banged by anonim males
741 Extra Votes:
2 females and 2 males
926 Extra Votes:
3 females and 3 males

My Active Requests at WHentai:

Title: Wendy is to be pleasured. Characters: Wendy Marvell and Mavis Vermilion, are to be fully naked. Mavis (Who will replacing the person on the right in the picture) will perform oral on Wendy (Who will be replacing the person on the left in the picture). Like this here: External Facial expressions and positions stay the same, except Mavis to be fingering herself with the hand of your choice and also not staring creepily into her eyes like in the picture but to be instead have a sort of pleasured look in her eyes. Setting: Can be anywhere indoors on a bed.
Wendy is to be pleasured inusen666 Added: 2017-07-19 07:14:03
Erza Scarlet in this outfit and this hair style -> External -> without her boots and her feet naked. Her boobs are exposed and she has pierced nipples. Give her white colored nails. In this position -> Image -> let her lick her lips. Please with fitting size for wallpaper.
Erza on the beach inusen666 Added: 2017-07-09 16:15:10
Erza scarlet pinup Pose; Image Outfit; Image Image (include white gloves that come up to her elbow and the heels attached to the leggings are higher) Final details; have her tits exposed and her arms will be under her boobs supporting them.
Erza scarlet pinup inusen666 Added: 2017-07-03 09:34:43
A PinUp of Erza Scarlet in her new Dragon Cry outfit. Image Image Position something like this: Image -> only her tits exposed and give her nipple piercings. Please give her red colored nails and make the picture with a fitting size for wallpaper.
A PinUp of Erza Scarlet in her new Dragon Cry outfit inusen666 Added: 2017-07-03 07:03:01